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Wholesale Coffee

"We've been working with Port City Coffee Roasters for 25 years. They've always provided the best service and coffee."

- Janice, Caffe Kilim

"Port City delivers fresh coffee to us every week - our customers love it so much!"

- Michelle, Crackskulls

At Port City Coffee Roasters we work with cafes, restaurants, and many other businesses that want to serve delicious cups of coffee to their customers and employees. We have been perfecting our craft for over 22 years and are proud to say that some of our wholesale customers have been with us for over 20 years. We have done that by becoming our customers' wholesale coffee partners.

What does a wholesale coffee partner get?

In addition to receiving incredible, fresh roasted coffee, our team provides training, consulting, marketing signage, and equipment so our customers can offer long term successful coffee service. For those who want Private Labeled Coffee, we will work with you to find the perfect blend(s) and create the label/bag combination to maximize sales and marketing efforts.

How often does Port City roast their coffee?

While all parts of the coffee process are important in serving a great cup of coffee, we believe the most important part is getting the coffee in front of the customer as soon as possible! We roast 6-7 days a week to ensure this happens. All coffees are roasted to order within 24-48 hours and we either deliver or ship our delicious product the next business day.

Does Port City provide coffee and espresso equipment?

We do offer equipment service to customers within a deliverable distance (50-75 miles). For customers outside of this area, we cannot offer equipment service since we can’t maintain the equipment. However, we can help you find the perfect equipment for your establishment. And, since we're professional coffee roasters, we can get items at half the retail price!

How do I become a wholesale coffee partner?

If you're interested in becoming a wholesale coffee partner, please call Derek LaBorie, President of Port City Coffee Roasters, at (603) 433-3011, email, or fill out the following form.

Contact us to become a wholesale coffee partner

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