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PHS-SEGA Fundraiser

For the last year, the PHS-SEGA Tanzania Club has sponsored Salma Issa, a 15-year-old student from the Kilosa region of Tanzania. This fundraiser helps support Salma's full cost of education, room, board, and uniforms for the year. 

Sponsoring a student at SEGA is a meaningful way to support Nurturing Minds' work and provides a first-hand experience for Portsmouth High School students to see how their contributions to SEGA are making a difference. It also offers a cultural exchange for both PHS and SEGA students and helps Salma improve her English skills through pen pal communication.


Through this fundraiser, PHS-SEGA will continue to support Salma and help the SEGA community grow as a whole. Visit the official Portsmouth High School website to learn more.


Coffee that supports PHS-SEGA

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