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Port City
Coffee Roasters



 Coffee Shop & Roasters

Est. 1992

Port City Coffee Roasters has been serving the Portsmouth, NH community for over 25 years. With loyal customers and wholesale partners, Port City has become a trusted, reliable source of delicious, freshly roasted coffee.


Visit our shop for a cup of coffee, a tasty bite, and great conversation with our caring staff. 


Quality Coffee Beans

Brew, baby, brew

At Port City Coffee, we pride ourselves on having the best quality coffee beans around. Sustainably sourced from regions around the world, we promise our cup of coffee will taste like no other. 

Try our best selling coffees 'Capone' and 'Bali Blue Moon.'

"Amazing coffee,
friendliest people,
& killer sandwiches."

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Wholesale Coffee

Coffee your customers will love

Our coffee isn't just for our shop - it's for our partners, too. We partner with businesses, restaurants, and cafes to distribute our coffee beans so that everyone can enjoy a taste of our freshly roasted coffee, no matter where they are.

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