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Coffee Club Options

Every 12th pound of coffee is free!

Port City Coffee Roaster's Coffee Club is a great way for people who need coffee on a regular basis and love the convenience of having their coffee delivered straight to their door. For this reason, the Coffee Clubs are great for Port City Coffee lovers nationwide. Your coffee will always be roasted fresh on a Tuesday afternoon, packaged and shipped same day. It's a great way to try new coffees that are consistently fresh. To sign up for a specific club, call (603) 433-3011.

My Favorite Coffee Club

This coffee plan allows you to receive your favorite coffee on your own set schedule. Don't need that much coffee and love Hazelnut? You could do one pound of Hazelnut a month. Love Capone and use it daily? You could receive one pound of Capone every two weeks. It's a perfect plan for someone who knows exactly what they like and when they want it.

The Something New Coffee Club

This coffee club gets you a different pound of coffee every month of the year. Choose flavor, dark roast or regular based on your taste preference and each month you'll receive a coffee based on your choice! It's a great way to try a variety of coffees and find one that you really like.

The Flavorful Coffee Club

This coffee plan is similar to the Something New plan; however it deals exclusively in flavored coffees. Flavors reflecting the current season will be shipped to you monthly. Examples of shipped coffee include Pumpkin Spice in the fall, Eggnog in December or Coconut in the early summer.

The Sustainable Coffee Club

This coffee plan exclusively uses our Organic/Fair Trade/Rainforest Alliance coffee beans. Each month you will receive a pound of one of our coffees that is produced with the primary goal of sustainable life for the planet . This plan allows you to try our great coffee at the same time as making a difference in the world.

The Walk-In Coffee Club

This coffee club plan is great for local customers who don't need their coffee shipped to them. It differs slightly from the other coffee plans in that every pound purchased is not 10% off. You can continue purchasing coffee in the same amount and frequency as always but this plan ensures that you will receive 40% of every tenth pound of coffee you buy. So call the shop today at (603) 433-3011 to set up your Walk-In account and have your next pound coffee purchase go toward this plan.

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